August 28, 1893

Isaac was fortunate to have very good friends and neighbors.  This was probably because Isaac would drop everything to help his neighbors, too. Life in the 19th century was especially hard for a farmer.  One helped another because some time in the future the need would be reciprocated. Here is an example of one of those instances.

 Monday August 28th 1893  A nice dry day  the boys hauled manure  I went to Vic Carris’s to see if I could hear about my Shorts being shipped to Keota  heard nothing but missed Vic as he & wife came over here the South road & then he & I went to Keota & then to K T Carris’s & took dinner & I picked out a pig for Breeding purposes from K T’s herd of Poland China’s  we then went back to Keota & I took sick  Something like Cholera  morbus But not exactly  Vic Carris staid right by me & wanted to get a doctor  he & B Sanders took me in buggy to the latters house where I was given every attention  had a very hard chill & had to stay all night  the only medicine I took was 2 doses Chamberlains Cholera Colic & Diarhea [1] cure  this is the third similar Sickness I have had in 2 weeks & Each time it was worse  it was cloudy & very chilly this PM

[1] “Old Main Artifacts” – Artifacts from the Old Main building, Illinois State University –


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