May 28, 1893

Isaac owned property in Wellman in anticipation of building a house and moving from the farm.

Sunday May 28th  A nice day but rained a little  about noon Mag & I & Bell, Maude, Nellie & Vic went to Wellman to Memorial Service in the Methodist Church by Rev Potter & he made a good talk  we took dinner at Amanda’s  She has 9 boarders & much work to do but insisted very hard that we should go there for dinner  after dinner Ez & Amanda & Mag & I took a walk & looked at my town lots & we started home early & got here in plenty time to help chore  Harve stayed at home & took Sylvia & Harriet to Sunday School & church at Nira  Rev Potter preached  I am 57 years old to day  I feel that I am growing old fast but am very thankful that I have middling fair health a fair appetite, can work pretty well & sleep well


One thought on “May 28, 1893”

  1. Nine boarders! My word. I like all of these people and am proud to be related to them. Thank you so much for doing this..

    On Sat, Jun 20, 2015 at 8:05 AM, In His Own Words: Isaac Newton Carr

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