May 27, 1893

Saturday May 27  A very nice clear day  Mag & I & Sylvia went to Wellman  put up at Holdens  I drew $100 from the bank & in the Eve Mrs. Lizzie Moore paid me $100 & I deposited $100 in the bank again  I got a clevis straighted, harrow iron fixed, brace to seeder mended & a tire on corn plow wheel set, lawn mower Sharpened all for 75c at Kings & Sitlers  Mag got the girls hats &c [etc.]  I got 100# white lead $7,50  home by other place & gave the steers a good lot of salt  Harve finished splitting the wood & Roy painted both porch roof & both pair of bobsleds  Roy has worked 5 days this week 59 in all & drew $40  he went to Englands this Eve  Harve has worked 12 days  Harve took the girls to festival at Nira


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