March 27, 1893

Monday Mar 27  A very nice Sunny day  Joe Romine called in the morning & I paid him $80,00 & took in my due bill  I went to Wellman  vic went along  I bought 2 yearling steers of Marion Foster for 25,00  paid 10 down & bought one 2 yr old steer of Tom McReynolds for $20,00  paid 10 down  I put team in Downing barn 15c & got their shoes pulled off  I got Stove reservoir fixed 10 [cents] Vic & I took dinner at Mrs. Whites 35c  oranges & onions 50 [cents] paid King for blacksmithing 2,70  prepared cocoanut 30c  I called at Amandas  found her Suffering with Neuralgia  I borrowed $100,00 from the Wellman bank for 45 days at 8%  I got plow & wheel from Kings blacksmith shop  got back wall for stove at Nicolas 1,25


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