February 8, 1893

In this next passage Isaac writes about a surprise party where he and his wife were the honored guests.  He talks about a silver tea set that was to be presented, but shipment was held up due to the snow. Their 25th wedding anniversary was September 21, 1890, so that would not be a reason for this party.  It’s not known if this was a special occasion or just a special get-together in the dead of winter because, as far as can be discerned, February 8th holds no special meaning for either Isaac or Margaret.

Wednesday feb 8 – long to be remembered – A cold cloudy day  We expected a few of our friends & relatives & we killed a nice turkey & a rooster & about 10-30 a few loads of People that were not invited came & brought well filled baskets pans & steamers & they came thicker & faster till our house was full & our Stables & Sheds full of horses  I suppose Ellen had got this up as a Surprise party for Mag & I & we were most agreeable Surprised  we had a Splendid dinner  3 long tables full & we had a good Social visit with our friends relatives & neighbors  they had ordered a Silver tea set but it got snow bound & will come in due time  to say that we were pleased with this demonstration of good feeling & neighborly kindness doesn’t half Express it   the roads were blocked with Snow drifts in many places & very hard traveling  yet our friends persevered & traveled in the Cold to Show their good will & we highly appreciate it  Our Sisters Ellen & Amanda were the Main ones in this pleasant & long to be remembered Occasion  following were present on the occasion: 

Mr & Mrs V W Carris, Ez & Amanda, Dave & Evaline, Ellen & Fred, Mr & Mrs J C Jones & Dan, Mr & Mrs J C Jones, Mr E L Jones, Mr G W Weller & Edith, Mr Henry Foster & Hila, Mr W A Foster & wife, Mr Marion Foster & wife, Mr. Harlan Hodges & wife & B [baby? – Floyd Hodges was born in 1893][1], Mr & Mrs Luther Bradford, & Cora, Roy brought Cora [Anna Cora England – Roy’s wife] over to stay all night, Mr Geo Sigler & wife, Mr H H Wilson & wife, Mr Tom Moon & wife, B H Taylor & wife, Chas Grassel & wife, Wm Downing & wife 

& in the Eve Many young folks came in & we heard Singing Music & playing till midnight & Malachi Newland brought me $5,00 that I over paid him on corn

[1] Ancestry.com, Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925, 1895 Iowa Census, Wellman, Washington County, Iowa, pg. 449


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