November 8, 1893

Wednesday Nov 8  A very fine warm day  Harve & I shelled 10 bu of corn & took 20 bu corn rye & oats to Nira to get chopped  foggy awhile in the morning but cleared off nice  warm & Calm  My colts all got out last night & Harve went & got them over west  he worked a little in the garden & PM we went over East & I harrowed Stalks & Have Commenced plowing about 15 acres for corn  it plows midling fair & we got along well  Ed Goodwin Called with a load of Corn from Hodges to H Foster  I weighed it 3015 gross  Ed on the wagon  my beef heifer Eats good & I feed her regular & turn her with the cows

November 7, 1893

Tuesday Nov 7  Election day & a very fine warm day  we took my 35 steers to other place & turned them in the Stalks  good grass 7 acres  plenty of Punkins & 23 acres of good Stalks  they ought to do well  we got 2 loads about 2/3 full of corn & finished out with Punkins & got home by 11 am  we Shelled a bu of my Early yellow corn for Roy & PM took it to Nira  when we went to vote I voted Straight Republican  the Election was held in my Hall  I got letter from Secy Farmers Mutual Ins that my assessment for the past year is 7,70 — & later a $1 more  I got Ex order for same & sent it to Washington National bank  I got 2 spools thread & 2 bots [bottles?] lye at Ashtons  Home early & Roy & Cora went to Joe Englands  Roy will husk corn for Joe  I lent him a wagon  looks much like rain

November 6, 1893

Monday November 6th 1893  A very nice dry day  I took Harriet & Seth Carris to Keota  I took 29 ½ # butter to B&S at 20c & traded Coffee 55 onions brown Canton flannel 5 yds 70c  the bal [balance] I left with B&S  Sylvia was in Keota & rode home with me  we went by Nira & I fixed banisters to stairs to Hall Home by noon & PM I helped Harve get a big load of corn at the other place & Roy got 2 loads  I got Harve a pair of nice mittens $1,75c

August 29, 1893

Tuesday Aug 29  A nice cool dry day  I arose about the usual time at Ben Sanders & feel much better but weak  I eat a slim breakfast at Sanders  I thanked them for this kindness & it was a real kindness to be taken in at Such a time & my friend Vic Carris put hot irons to my feet & back & hot cloths to my feet & Stomach & Stayed all night with me & sent Ivy Carris over here to let Mag know why I didn’t come home & to send a team for me this morning & Roy Came before 9 am  we looked around town awhile  went & Saw some Elk & went to the new bank & I paid F. Graham 1,75 for Shorts I got yesterday & we got home before dinner & feel very much better  the boys hauled manure PM  Mr. Neal Editon of the Washington Gazette called & wanted me to go with him to get Subscribers  we were invited to Vic Carris’s to Supper  So we took Mag over there & he & I went to Nira & he got 7 Subscribers & we went bac [back] to Carris’s to supper & had a real pleasant visit  Mrs. Wyeth  Carris’s Sister from Ills [Illinois] was there  home about 10 in the Eve & went to bed

August 28, 1893

Isaac was fortunate to have very good friends and neighbors.  This was probably because Isaac would drop everything to help his neighbors, too. Life in the 19th century was especially hard for a farmer.  One helped another because some time in the future the need would be reciprocated. Here is an example of one of those instances.

 Monday August 28th 1893  A nice dry day  the boys hauled manure  I went to Vic Carris’s to see if I could hear about my Shorts being shipped to Keota  heard nothing but missed Vic as he & wife came over here the South road & then he & I went to Keota & then to K T Carris’s & took dinner & I picked out a pig for Breeding purposes from K T’s herd of Poland China’s  we then went back to Keota & I took sick  Something like Cholera  morbus But not exactly  Vic Carris staid right by me & wanted to get a doctor  he & B Sanders took me in buggy to the latters house where I was given every attention  had a very hard chill & had to stay all night  the only medicine I took was 2 doses Chamberlains Cholera Colic & Diarhea [1] cure  this is the third similar Sickness I have had in 2 weeks & Each time it was worse  it was cloudy & very chilly this PM

[1] “Old Main Artifacts” – Artifacts from the Old Main building, Illinois State University –

July 10, 1893

Monday July 10  A nice hazy day  I mowed over East  PM the boys got in the hay from the hog pasture & Commenced over East after fixing the loader  Mag & I went over to V W Carris in the morning to see him  he was kicked by a horse or rather a Broncho last Saturday & 2 ribs broke  he is just able to be around   Mr Goodspeed Secy of Farmers Mutual Insurance of the Co [county] came & he & Carris insisted that I should go with them & help adjust the loss of Ezra Pool by fire & lightning last Saturday morning  I went with Carris  drove my team & we fixed the loss on barn & crib & contents at $1412,50c which was satisfactory to all parties  Mr Herr helped me adjust the loss  we came back to Carris’s to dinner & then home & I mowed some over East  Snider came at noon & went home in Eve