December 27, 1892

Tuesday Dec 27  Cold but pleasant & Sunny  V W Carris called by appointment  Also Si Miller & wife & Si gave me a Mortgage on 80 acres of land for 1500,00 payable $500,00 in each of the years 1896, 97 & 98  they all stayed to dinner & then I took Holden & wife to Wellman & I borrowed $1400,00 from the Wellman bank 60 days  8%  I got it in a draft on Chicago & will use it to get the Mortgage on Si’s land  he has been owing me a long time & I will pay off a Mortgage he has in Washington for 1200,00 & take one for $1500,00 at 6%  I lent Vic Carris my ice saw & tongs & in the Eve he sent Guy [Vic Carris’ son] over with Sled to borrow my Boar pig & I let him have it  I would have lent him to no one Else


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