December 17, 1892

Saturday Dec 17  A nice cool calm winter day  I went Early to Si Millers & we hitched Si’s team to my sleigh & went to Washington  I am about to lend Si $1,500,00 on his 80 acre farm 5 yrs at 6%  it is mortgaged now to a Mr. Schweinforter for 12,00 at 7% payable on any intrest paying day & he will pay it off & I will carry it awhile  we got to town at 10 AM & put up at the Benz house  first rate sledding  found Si’s land business all right  I lent him $5,00  I bought 4 cloaks for the girls the cheapest I ever saw  cloaks sell $1,25 each for 2 one for $2,00 & one for 8,00  I also got 3 hair pin boxes 15c all full  3 pairs of nice suspenders 45c hair brush 20c  a dress for Mag 50c  2 doz oranges 60c 2 qts Cranberries 25c  ½ peck apples 20c  Cake maple sugar 15c  I paid for dinner for self & Si’s team 60c  2 pairs gloves 1,00  home at dusk  I left Mag feeling about sick  I brought her some Lanes family medicine 2 pkgs 50c  I brought Si’s team home with me  Roy has worked 263 ½ days & drew 155,35  Harve has worked 184 days & drew $46,00  the boys hauled 3 loads of hay from over west & 5 shox corn


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