December 16, 1892

Friday December 16th 1892  A nice moderate Calm day & good sledding  I paid Roy $35,00 & he went to Keota to get his teeth doctored  Harve worked some but is quite lame  we hauled a load of Slough grass & refuse hay from over west & bedded the steers & we got a load of 6 shot corn for steers  we hitched up the Frank colt coming 2 in spring  he works first rate  I drove him to school in the Eve & brought the children  I stopped at Si Millers & he & I made arrangements to go to Washing [Washington, the county seat] tomorrow on business  Si came in the Eve & borrowed a piece of beef  it weighs more than 24# & as our steelyards were lent he will weigh it at home  Roy came home Early & took Sylvia to John Nuttalls to practice singing

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