January 11, 1893

Wednesday January 11th 1893  Cold blustry from NW  the boys chopped & sawed some wood  we took the children & Sylvia to school & went for them in the Eve  PM it cleared off nice & the sun shone warmer  I went over South to Romines & to Abe bennets to buy corn but got none  there is plenty corn in the country & for sale but Everybody Seems to think it will be much higher towards Spring  I offered 35c for a crib & A. Bennet asked 45c  he gave me a picture to bring home  I got 5 gals kerosene & 2 wash pans

January 1, 1893

Another year has passed and Isaac writes an accounting of his farm and cattle production for 1892.  He begins to ponder leaving farming behind.

Sunday January 1st 1893  A rather cold new years but a pleasant winter day  we only done the chores & Harriet went to Wellman with _____ buggy in the Eve & Sylvia went away with Jap Green  all the past year has been wet & on the whole discouraging to farmers  we have no reason to complain of our prospects for a living  I have had Harve & Roy both to pay   Rent $18,00 per month for the year & Harve & Roy for a year & I have them both mostly paid as far as they have worked  I have 40 head of nice pigs & 11 brood sows & a good boar  I have all told 101 head of Cattle 43 head of steers coming 3 which I am fatting & 17 head of cows & 27 head of younger Steers & heifers & 16 calves  my calves are not doing well & I have lost 3  we raised about 17 nice turkeys & plenty of chickens to do us & about 200 tons of nice hay & at least 2000 bu of real good corn  200 bu of fair oats & 40 bu of rye & about 30 bu of rather poor potatos at digging time  had a fair crop of punkins  Considering the season we had very few apples  a most splendid crop of blackberries but very few raspberries & not many grapes  My orchard is well filled up  no missing or dead trees  I set out 27 nice grape vines last spring  also a few apple & cherry trees  Mag took a trip of one month to Wayne Co [County] in June & in the fall I took a trip to the Pacific Coast & around by California thru Kansas home  about 2 months & cost me about $300,00 & yet financially I am in pretty fair fix  I owe Roy & Harve about $75,00 & I owe $400,00 at the Wellman bank  I expect I owe Ashton a little & I owe Mag $100,00 interest money & I owe $7,00 for fixing Harriets teeth & I have $100,00 in cash & I owe Cover for corn $35,68  I have over five thousand dollars out at interest but two thousand of it is Mags & I have just taken a mortgage on S. S. Millers 80 acre farm for fifteen hundred dollars to run three four & five years at Six per ct  take it all round we have had fair health the past year  Mag is not as well as I  wish she was & I am getting old & Somewhat rheumatic but still do a good deal of work yet I sometimes think I would like to leave the farm & go to some town but who would run the farm  I don’t want to sell it & besides I have too many small children to live in town  When I get a few more hundred dollars at interest & have a few less children to run the streets I think I will move to town   for the present I ought to be satisfied  I have much to be thankful for & little to complain of

December 27, 1892

Tuesday Dec 27  Cold but pleasant & Sunny  V W Carris called by appointment  Also Si Miller & wife & Si gave me a Mortgage on 80 acres of land for 1500,00 payable $500,00 in each of the years 1896, 97 & 98  they all stayed to dinner & then I took Holden & wife to Wellman & I borrowed $1400,00 from the Wellman bank 60 days  8%  I got it in a draft on Chicago & will use it to get the Mortgage on Si’s land  he has been owing me a long time & I will pay off a Mortgage he has in Washington for 1200,00 & take one for $1500,00 at 6%  I lent Vic Carris my ice saw & tongs & in the Eve he sent Guy [Vic Carris’ son] over with Sled to borrow my Boar pig & I let him have it  I would have lent him to no one Else


December 26, 1892

Monday Dec 26  A cold clear day 14 below zero in the morning  we cleared out the ice house & hauled a big load of hay from over west  the last from there  PM Mag & I & Holden & Laura went over to V Carris’s  to see Mabel  [Vic Carris’ daughter] they think her better but she is very low  we feed the 41 Steers nearly a level wagon bed full of Snapped Corn & they seem to be doing well

December 25, 1892

Sunday Dec 25th  Christmas  rather Stormy & snow blew by spells from NW & grew colder all day & at Eve is 9 deg below zero  we had a real good Christmas dinner  Mr. Joe England & wife & Cora were here  also Holden & Laura & Jap Green  We only done the chores & tis cold work this evening but our Stock all seems to be doing well  I bred about 7 or 8 sows this last week

December 24, 1892

Saturday Dec 24th  A nice winter day  Roy & I got a load of hay a load of straw & 2 loads of fodder  we bedded the Steers real good  Roy went to Nira to [get a] Christmas tree  I sent for mittens for Holden for a Christmas gift  Sylvia went to Nira with Jap [Jasper] Green  we killed a turkey & a nice fat rooster for Christmas  Roy 269 ½ [days] & drew 155,35  Harve 184 days & drew 56,00

December 22, 1892

Thursday Dec 22  A very nice winter day  Roy went to Wassonville Mill with 12 sax grain & got paid  14 sax chop paid 1,10 for grinding  I done the chores  he got home at 2 pm & we put away the chop  Si Miller called & borrowed our gun & didn’t return it but called  & gave me 3 rabbits in the Eve  Henry Foster gave me 3 rabbits  Holden went hunting with others & he brought in 3 rabbits & now we have 10  Mag & Laura went to Carris’ to see Mabel  she is better

December 21, 1892

Wednesday Dec 21  A very fine day  didn’t thaw  Mag & I went to Wellman & took dinner at Amandas  I got Sele & Ben shod all round at Rings & Sitters  paid 2,40  I got an ice saw & a pr of saw clamps of Palmer  paid 4,25  Mag bought lots of Christmas presents for the children  I got a nice willow rocker at Nichola’s 7,25 for a Christmas present for Mag  I left it & Roy went to see Camp & brought it & we put it in the tool house  he got me one qt best oil 25c at Palmers  Laura & Holden came home with us to Stay till after Christmas  home in time to help chore  the 41 steers eat 19 baskets full of snapped corn at a feed twice a day or 5 or 6 shox  E. Moore paid me 9,00 interest  I paid Harve $10,00  S. T. Leighton called

December 20, 1892

Tuesday Dec 20  A cold morning 19 below zero  Mag & I came from Carris at daylight & after breakfast I took 6 turkeys average 19 # & 10 chicks  got to Nira to Hardenbrook 9c for turkeys & 6 c for chicks  paid me $12,00  I drove my Charley colt  he works fine  PM Roy & I sacked up 4 sax rye 4 sax corn & 4 sax oats for chop  Harve is no better