September 6, 1892

Note:  Isaac’s wife, Margaret, is still writing these journal entries. Isaac will be home in early October 1892 and will take up writing the journal entries at that time.

Tuesday Sept 6th  A nice day.  The Boys both went to the other place and hauled manure.  Roy took Sylvia up to Nira to article for the School and they got a letter from their Father.  We were all glad to hear from him and that he was having a nice visit with his Brother Delos.  We received nvite [invite]Taylors Wedding Card.  Lunt? borrowed the plow.

September 3, 1892

Saturday Sept 3rd  A nice day.  Harve hauled manure.  Roy went to the rook at Nira and plowed in the afternoon.  The Girls and I went to Nira & got them new Shoes for five Dollars.  Sylvia got the Nira School for the Winter at 35 dol [dollar] a month.  I canned 20 qt of Corn and 16 qt of Apples and we filled all the beds and Washed.  In fact some quite a hard days work