September 8, 1892

Thursday Sept 8th  It was raining this morning so Harve took Sylvia to her School.  Cleard off at 9 Oclock am.  The Boys both hauled manure in the afternoon.  Roy took Bally to Wellman.  And Harve did not Work.  Lunt? brought the plow home that he had borrowed.


September 7, 1892

Wednesday Sept 7th  We had a nice Shower this morning.  The Boys both hauled manure.  At home in the Afternoon.  Roy and I went to Mr. Lewises [Lewis] to his sale.  Things sold very well.  A large Crowed.  I paid 80 ct road tax.  Gave Roy a dollar.

September 6, 1892

Note:  Isaac’s wife, Margaret, is still writing these journal entries. Isaac will be home in early October 1892 and will take up writing the journal entries at that time.

Tuesday Sept 6th  A nice day.  The Boys both went to the other place and hauled manure.  Roy took Sylvia up to Nira to article for the School and they got a letter from their Father.  We were all glad to hear from him and that he was having a nice visit with his Brother Delos.  We received nvite [invite]Taylors Wedding Card.  Lunt? borrowed the plow.

September 3, 1892

Saturday Sept 3rd  A nice day.  Harve hauled manure.  Roy went to the rook at Nira and plowed in the afternoon.  The Girls and I went to Nira & got them new Shoes for five Dollars.  Sylvia got the Nira School for the Winter at 35 dol [dollar] a month.  I canned 20 qt of Corn and 16 qt of Apples and we filled all the beds and Washed.  In fact some quite a hard days work