December 24, 1891

Thursday December 24 1891   foggy damp warm & misty   no frost in the ground   we went Early to the other place & Set 17 posts around the pond & Split & Sharpened 24 more   Enough to go clear around the pond & fed the Cattle 2 jags of hay   home & got the chores done by dusk   I paid Harve $10,00 & he went away to spend it & Christmas muddy

October 19, 1891

Monday Oct 19   A very fine day   we arose Early & Mag & I went to Washington to a reunion of my old Co F 11th Iowa infty   I put team up at Benz’s & we met by invitation at A. J. Dawsons, Co [Company] treasurer & he took us to a restaurant & got our dinner  13 members present & most of them had their wives & some other soldiers present  in all 43    we passed a most pleasant PM   had roll call of all members of the Co & Short Speeches from Dawson & Lemon & anecdotes from several   then we went & had our pictures taken in a group of 13 of us & Mag & I went home with John Keating & wife 3 miles East of Washington to Stay all night   we found him well fixed in a new house & passed a very pleasant Evening with my old Comrade   I paid John Roda $15,40

October 17, 1891

Saturday October 17th 1891   A very fine dry day   we finished digging potatos about 2, 30 PM   have about 240 bu all told of very fine potatos in the Cellar   we husked a load of Corn in the new ground over East   tis good corn & sound   the girls went with England’s to Lewis’s to singing  John has worked 36 days & drew $10,00   Harve has worked 158 days & drew 67,50   he paid me back 5,00 I gave him Thursday last   Harve went away this Eve   I brought Holden from England’s to stay over Sunday


August 9, 1891

Sunday Aug 9  Warmest day of the season   Mag & I & Bell went to Wellman to the Baptist Church  Went & came by the other place & watered the Cattle  water is getting low in the well & stock requires lot of water these hot dry days  went to Amandas for dinner  Clouded up & cooled off some & rained a little  Grace Pinkerton & Marie Pope came home with us in the Eve to visit  fine day


July 4, 1891

Saturday July 4th 1891  A very fine day  I took 218# of milk to the fcty Early & we then went in wagon to Wellman to Celebrate  left Bell Nellie Vic & the baby [Leslie Lewis] at home to Celebrate  We had a good time  heard good Speaking by Huff of Muscatine Rev Cornelius Geo Laning & others  Eat our dinner under a tree with Fred Klokentager, A. Hull, E. [Ezra] & Amanda, Vic Carris’s, Charlotte Leighton Carpenter & daughter & last but not least (in Eating) Old Abe Parrish  I paid Harve $5,00  he has worked 72 days & drew 33,75  Came home by the other place & watered the Steers  home at sundown & found all right & the little girls had the cows up & were milking

May 21, 1891

Thursday May 21   A good rain last night  Mag took 191# of milk to fcty & took Geo Adams a pie & got 25 tomato plants & 150 sweet potato plants  I planted Corn over west till middle AM when it rained a nice easy & quite hard rain  Harve drove post over west & now 11-30 AM is cleaning out stable & I doing this writing & tis still raining & I am very thankful for it  after dinner tis still sprinkling & we set out 175 sweet potatoes & 275 cabbage & near 100 tomato plants & I helped young F. Crage fix fence across the creek & Harve set a few posts over west & then it rained quite hard till night & cool  we shot the cows in the barn

May 20, 1891

Wednesday May 20  Cool South wind & dry  Harve took 220# milk to fcty & I planted corn with pumkin seeds miled in   all day on the sod over west  drove Sele & Sam to the planter & they make a good team of their age  I got the piece nearly ½ done   AM it sprinkled & drizzled rain some  just enough to make it nasty but PM all dried off  dryer than Ever but wind still in the South with a chance of bringing rain & before bed time it came  a nice hard shower & it will do us lots of good in many ways  Harve finished harrowing the Corn North of the barn & rolled a little & cleaned out a very little Stable  watered the Steers at the other place &c [etc.]