December 25, 1890

Thursday Dec 25th   Christmas & a very fine day   we arose early   kids & all & Santa Claus had been here & left a good supply of Christmas goods  the children are all hapy with dolls handkercheifs dishes toys new clothes & on the stand in the sitting room a US bank for all   Mag got a nice pair of kid mittens & a very fine Silver butter dish  I got a hair vest chain Mag & Noras hair trimmed with gold & an oatmeal set of 3 dishes  we flew around with the chores & by 10 am got ready to go to Carris’s   Luther Bradford came for water & we gave him a peck of apples & a mince pie  Sylva Nellie & Vic went along   we were among the first at Vics & had a good Social time & a first rate dinner  a good many were kept away by Scarlet fever or Scarlet rash or chicken pox or something else   Henry Fosters child is very sick with it


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