December 19, 1890

Friday Dec 19   A very fine dry cool day   Harve went Early to Lewis’s   I brought home a yearling bull I got of Lewis just about 1 yr old now   I am to pay $20,00 for him in Jan next   Ed Lewis helped get him home & we roped him   I will break him to lead   I measured up 4 ½ bu potatoes & 6 bu good Sound winter apples & we had an Early dinner & Mag & I went to Keota   also took 70 lbs of butter   Sold to Hulse 16c  also the 4 ½ bu potatos at $1,00 per bu   apples were dull Sale  I Sold them to Williams & Martin for 75c a bu   we got a lot of Christmas presents for the kids  2 gals Sorgum Molasses   brought Sylva [Sylvia Edna Carr] & Carris kids home   they will have 2 weeks vacation   I drew the last of my money out of the bank $100,00   I paid Mr. Shuckley all up for Sylva’s board $18,00  $28,00 in all   I bought 2 bull Calves of Stewart Bros [brothers] $15,00   am to get them tomorrow   home at dark


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