March 16, 1891

Monday Mar 16   A very pleasant day   I took the children to school in sled & we had directors meeting at 8 AM   I was elected President of the board   Harve took Sele & Sam & sleigh & went to Keota to bring Barnes out to see about fixing my windmill   I measured the water in the reservoir 4 ft 2 in   that will water several days & perhaps it will thaw & I can turn the stock over west & they will get water so I can get along till the mill is fixed if it takes a week   Harve got back about middle PM but didn’t get Barnes   Mag & I went to Nira PM   we had Cheese Meeting   I was elected director   I sold my fat hogs 8 to Res Sheppard for 3,45  deliver tomorrow   also 2 cows 1 for 3c & the other 2 ¼    deliver Wednesday Morning   we got home Early & fixed both sleds & rax & fixed the hog chute   all ready for loading Early in the morning   the sledding is getting poor

March 15, 1891

Sunday Mar 15   A very pleasant day   Harve rode the Pony home   we found a straw stack north of the barn blew over & some hogs & calves under it    got them all out after some hard work   one roan steer calf dead  I also found my windmill broke   the wind blew hard last night & I left it in sail

March 14, 1891

Saturday March 14th 1891   A fair winter day   Harve & I hauled 2 loads of hay from over west & the last & we also fed the last in the west   mow in the stock barn but yet have the East mow full   PM I & Vic went to Nira in Sleigh   drove Ben & fan   I am getting Ben & Baley to go pretty well   Harve has worked 64 days & drew $11,95   hogs are coming up   Carris was offered 3,40

Note: Ben, Fan & Baley are horses.

February 27, 1891

Friday feb 27   Cold & frosty   Arose early & finished breaking stalks over west just as it commenced to snow   it snowed fine & made sledding so Mag & I went to Nira in sled & took 6 turkeys   sold to Ashton at 8c   they weighed 93# $7,43   I took Geo Adams 1 bu apples  75c not paid   I got a pr overalls 1,00   Home in time to chore in Eve  Harve went to Carris’s & brought Sylva in Sled & took Carris’s ice slide home   Sylva & Harve got home in time to eat late supper with us   tis turning colder

January 20, 1891

Tuesday Jan 20th   Warm Still Cloudy  & looks stormy   snowed a little   Vic Carris came over & we killed a beef a fine heifer  I let Vic have the fore quarters on beef   I owed him the hind quarters   weighed 160#   I shot the beef with my Winchester shot gun & had to shoot her 3 times   we used my new meat saw   it works fine   we hung my meat 2 hind quarters in the cellar  looks very Stormy