September 13, 1890

Saturday September 13, 1890   A nice day   Sam & I went to Nira AM & PM we all went to Wellman & met Nora & Allie there   Sam Amanda & I Sat for our pictures & all my family of 11 sat for pictures in a group but fornell the artist made a fizzle of my family group    I was out of humor & we thought treated us Shabbily & we left & took a good Supper with Holden [Benjamin Holden Taylor, Isaac’s brother-in-law]   Sam Stayed to visit with Holden   Home at dark   Roy 16 days & drew $133,35   Harve 132 drew $30,75

2 thoughts on “September 13, 1890”

  1. I WANT that picture! I WANT that picture!

    I just do not know who would have gotten the Bradford stuff, and I believe my grandma’s descendants are the only ones Amanda has alive today. Lyman’s only dhild died without reproducing and Isaac’s only child died in infancy. My great grandfather Luther predeceased Ezra by over 10 years. And lived in Minnesota. Oh woe.

    GREAT stuff. Thank you.

    On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 2:46 PM, In His Own Words: Isaac Newton Carr

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