September 11, 1890

Thursday September 11th 1890   A very fine day   we arose early & I and Mr. Schwimley Sr went to Nira   Each took a team & went to meeting guests   we brought 5 of his relatives & their luggage & I got a basket of 250 well browned bunns from CR for $2,00   we borrowed a box of dishes of Ashton & got 22 chairs from the hall & got table & dishes of Amanda & Luther Bradford   the wedding took place at noon & 135 were present   we had 3 long tables set in the dining room & they were filled 3 times & then some    the presents were fine & numerous amounting to about $275,00   I gave Nora 100,00 in gold & Mr. Schwimley Sr. gave her a gold watch   the Schwimley guests I took to Nira in the Eve & they left  Nora & Allie went to Keota with other youngsters but came back before 8 oclock in Eve   Some ill bred Hoodlums came to Chivaree   I called off the dog & invited them in & Allie & Nora shook hands [with] them & gave them $5,00 & they left firing guns & revolvers & all is merry

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