September 10, 1890

Wednesday Sep 10   A very fine day   Mag has the house all fixed up & all ready to rec [receive] Company   Amanda came & helped cook   I went Early to Keota 2 teams to meet Company from a distance   About a mile west I met my brother Samuel from Oregon & didn’t know him but found him out & I was truly glad to see him but had to go on to Keota   I met the bridegroom A L Schwimley his parents & Sister Nellie Stoddard  Ida Taes & Ella Huston & we had a real social time at our house   I am really afraid Mag will worry & work herself sick   She looks bad & gets very tired  Brother Sam & I went to Nira & I had a real time telegraphing for buns Ashton had sent for I had to pay for 3 dispatches $1,05   I had better do my own ordering after this   Brother Sam went home with Amanda


2 thoughts on “September 10, 1890”

  1. This is just astonishing. I was at Sam’s grave in November. Surreal. He did not know his own brother. How long had it been since they had seen each other? And there are references to Amanda sprinkled throughout the diaries, all of which help me to envision her as a human being, not some dead ancestor. I love it and I thank you so much!

    On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 8:07 AM, In His Own Words: Isaac Newton Carr

    1. It would be nice to know how long. The family was split up when they moved back to Iowa after their parents died. The lived with different families, apparently. Isaac and Amanda stayed put, but both Samuel and Delos went west — maybe with a family or maybe once they were of age.

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