August 18, 1886

Wednesday August 18 1886   Warm & dry   one of the tiling hands went home   tis too dry to tile   3 hands tiled    went to Washington [1] to Dem Co Convention   Uncle Sam Story & Geo Story rode down with me & uncle Sam & Geo Wymer rode back with me   also Elsie Fosters boy   I took dinner at Elsie Fosters   I got 2 one gal jugs to bring to the tile hands & set them down at the foot of stairs leading up to Convention   some wag pasted a label on the jugs Democratic Convention up Stairs   I came down in time to Save one of the jugs & to see old Mayer a Staunch democrat break the other   I explained   he foamed about the reps & got me another jug   Mag was sick to day   the boys finished shingling the binder shed & hauled manure

[1]  The town of Washington was the county seat of Washington County, Iowa

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