September 23, 1890

Tuesday September 23rd 1890   A very fine warm pleasant day   Mag & I with Sam & El went by Keota to Dan Wolfs visiting   found them very nicely located in a fine new house & we had a good visit & home at dark  the man brought feathers home PM   I sold 2 Thomas 7 heifers at 2c[ents] a # [pound]   had me $123,00


September 20, 1890

September 20 1890   Mag & I & Sam & Ellen [perhaps daughter Harriet Eleanor] went to Nira & took the milk   Mag got El a new dress   I got a card from Nora & Allie at KC [Kansas City] PM   I took Sam to Amandas as we came to stay all night   Several of us went to Dunkard Meeting in the Eve 


September 18, 1890

Thursday Sept 18   a fine cool day   we went to Rache Hulls visiting   Sam Stayed with Holden in Wellman to look at Some dogs   he bought a Slut & 3 pups of Dr. Morgan for $3,00   we had a good visit with Hulls & got back to Wellman about 4 ½ PM   got Some beef & 12 Newspapers containing notice of Noras marriage & just as we were about to start for home an ugly black Cloud came up suddenly from the west & we barely had time to get the women in to Holdens & team in the livery barn when it blew the dust bad & rained hard for a little while   we took Supper at Holdens & then put up for the night as it is very dark & threatning

September 17, 1890

Wednesday September 17   Cool & partly cloudy   Sam & I put on our overcoats & went in buggy to Kregers & Sam bought a pig weighing about 70# for $5,00   We then went to green valley Mill & looked at Some (So called) bull dogs but the bull part was not there & Sam did not purchase  home to late dinner & then we all went to Mrs. Leightons & Stephen Leighton came over & we had a good social visit   Stayed till way after dark   boys hauled manure

September 16, 1890

Photo Taken in Keota, Washington County, Iowa September 16, 1890
             Photo Taken in Keota, Washington County, Iowa
                                       September 16, 1890

Standing L-R: Mary Isabelle, Harriet Eleanor “Hattie”, Nora Iowa, Leroy Holden & Sylvia Edna                                                                               Seated L-R:  Isaac Newton Carr, Victor Carris, Maude Bertha, Nellie Glendora, Margaret, Leslie Lewis                                                                       Not pictured:  David Arthur Carr, Ezra Carr (deceased) & Harvey Taylor Carr

Isaac wrote about the day the above family photo was taken.

Tuesday September 16, 1890   A very fine day   we finished packing Noras things  had an Early dinner & by noon started to Keota   2 teams  my family sat for a picture group of 11 at Neals and got a good negative 10 x 12  am to pay $7,00 for one doz good pictures   got a chair that was left to be mended  & bade Allie [Rev. William A. Schwimley, a clergyman in the Congregational Church] & Nora good bye & came home before sundown   they will start for Denver Colorado & I hope both will be happy in their new home   Brother Sam Came over from Amandas this Eve

September 15, 1890

Monday Sept 15  A very fine day the boys hauled manure   Sam & I went to Keota took Sylva to School paid Smock $2,00 a months tuition & paid Shockley $5,00 for 2 weeks board we went to C F Singmasters to see their fine horses & back to Amanda & we all took dinner there & came home Early to pack Some of Noras things   Nora & Allie went to Mr. Wellers & took Supper & to Wellman to meeting