January 1, 1886

On the first day of each new year, Isaac would write an account of what transpired on the farm the previous year.  Some  year’s entries were more detailed than others.

Friday, January 1st 1886   A warm & very muddy day & mostly cloudy  Mag & Roy & Josh & wife went to Nira AM   Mag got yarn 4 cans oysters 2 cans apricots &c [etc.]   Joe Berger called with load of 7 pigs    I weighed them for him & charged him 10c    I worked some on the cattle shed   the past year has been one of hard work for me   built hay barn 44×60   20 ft posts   addition to old barn 34×34 & 12 ft basement  put in about 190 rods of tiling 4 & 5 inch & made a No. 1 good watering place at the other place with 124 rods tile 85 feet 1 ¼ in iron pipe & a 150 gal tub   it works fine   I raised a fair crop of corn for a wet poor season  about 2500 bu [bushel] on 75 acres   I raised 871 bu of good oats on 19 acres of good land  the best oat crop I have had for several years   potatoes enough for our use   a very poor fruit year   few cherries   a half crop Strawberries & middling crop of raspberries   only 16 bu of apples to put in the cellar   4 or 5 loads Stock punkins   I have 89 head of cattle 20 of them fat steers coming 4 in Spring   28 of them Calves   3 quite young, 15 horses & colts   I have $60,00 on hand   $412,00 Credits & I owe Wm Allen 256,50 no interest, due Jan 23 1887 for 12 calves & 3 yearling steers   I raised at least 160 tons of hay mostly very good   we all have good health   I have to work too hard   too many chores to do & my yards are very very muddy, but all Stock doing well   I have tried lately to get a hand but don’t succeed


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