December 24, 1885

Sent for Nyson   Thursday, Dec 24   A very fine day   Roy & I made another feed box for steers   Warren Stewart called buying cattle   offered me 3 ¾ for my Steers   I didn’t sell   I sold him 2 old cows with swelled bags for $20 each   Mag & I went to Nira & she helped fix a Christmas tree & we got some presents to put on it for the children   I put a good new Silver watch on for Roy with this engraved inside the lid “a present from Father for not using tobacco”  home at Sundown & I helped do the chores & I took the children to Nira to the Christmas tree   had a nice time & went to my hall in Nira [1]   seen them dance awhile & Geo Miller paid me $3,00 for use of hall for dance   home at 10   Roy Stayed to the dance

[1] Isaac owned a building in Nira and rented it out for various functions.

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