January 26, 1881

Isaac jotted down a recipe for making sugar cured hams.

Jan 26 1881   Kill [the pig] when the weather is Clear   wind NW or W  use New barrels or cleanse the old by thorough washing & turning bottom up over a few burning cobs   let the meat thoroughly cool before Salting  when the hams weigh from 15 to 20 lbs & there are 8 hams & shoulders take a large dish pan & put into it 8 qts of salt 8 pounds of Course grained brown sugar & 8 oz of pulverized salt peter & put in sufficient Warm Water to make it of the consistency of mush Soft mush  Set the hams & shoulders one at a time in the pan & rub the mixture well in  see that no part Escapes   pile the hams & shoulders flesh up & let them lay from 3 to 5 days   then put them in a barrel Cleansed as described before  then cover them with brine boiled scimmed & strained & cooled   let them remain not less than 4 nor more than 6 weeks  Smoke with green hickory a continuous of 2 weeks  hang small end down from 1st to 15 of Mar  take down & rub with cloth dipped in molasses & put on finely ground blk pepper Enclose Each ham or shoulder in Cloth sack & then a haver sack & hang in smoke house till wanted by I N Carr or wife.


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