February 1880

Scattered through Isaac’s journals were more pages containing his thoughts, notes, recipes, and other unrelated information Isaac found in newspapers, journals or through word of mouth.  Here are a few examples. 

+Receipt [Recipe] for Cleaning furniture taken from Greens Atlas & Diary Almanac, February 8th 1880 

One pt linseed oil                                                                                                                     One pt vinegar                                                                                                                   Half pt spirits wine or alcohol 

Shake before using  gives a good polish & effectively cleans the furniture 

+Cure for small pox & scarlet fever  highly recommended & said to be sure  taken from the Washington Democrat of Feb 11th 1880 

Sulphate of zinc, one grain                                                                                       Foxglove (Digitalis), one grain                                                                                     Half a teaspoon full of sugar  mix with two table spoons full of water  take a spoonful evry hour

For a child smaller doses according to the age  Either disease will disappear in twelve hours 

+To cure Garget in Cows or swelled bay 

One part aqua ammonia & two parts sweet oil rubbed in twice daily  Curs a bad case in 2 daze  Taken from Granpops Stock Journal Feb 6th 1882


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