February 8, 1886

Monday feb 8th    A fine warm thawing day   I went to Nira to help moove a building for a Depot   Mag & Holden went along   Mag visited at Lewis’s   I went there for dinner but forgot Holden & left him in Nira   it was a careless trick & I was Sorry but couldn’t help it  we mooved the building on Sleds   the work went Slow but we got along fine   it is 14×24 & 12 ft high   home at Dark   Hod Wilson assessor called to Stay all night   Roy done the chores

February 7, 1886

Sunday, February 7th 1886   A very fin day & thawed some   Roy & girls went to Wellman to Holdens visiting & Holden came home with them   I shoveled snow off the west walk & off the west portico   it was a foot to 18 in deep   a Splendid day on Stock   Geo Woods called to get some Straw from the Taylor place   I gave him 2 loads

January 1, 1886

On the first day of each new year, Isaac would write an account of what transpired on the farm the previous year.  Some  year’s entries were more detailed than others.

Friday, January 1st 1886   A warm & very muddy day & mostly cloudy  Mag & Roy & Josh & wife went to Nira AM   Mag got yarn 4 cans oysters 2 cans apricots &c [etc.]   Joe Berger called with load of 7 pigs    I weighed them for him & charged him 10c    I worked some on the cattle shed   the past year has been one of hard work for me   built hay barn 44×60   20 ft posts   addition to old barn 34×34 & 12 ft basement  put in about 190 rods of tiling 4 & 5 inch & made a No. 1 good watering place at the other place with 124 rods tile 85 feet 1 ¼ in iron pipe & a 150 gal tub   it works fine   I raised a fair crop of corn for a wet poor season  about 2500 bu [bushel] on 75 acres   I raised 871 bu of good oats on 19 acres of good land  the best oat crop I have had for several years   potatoes enough for our use   a very poor fruit year   few cherries   a half crop Strawberries & middling crop of raspberries   only 16 bu of apples to put in the cellar   4 or 5 loads Stock punkins   I have 89 head of cattle 20 of them fat steers coming 4 in Spring   28 of them Calves   3 quite young, 15 horses & colts   I have $60,00 on hand   $412,00 Credits & I owe Wm Allen 256,50 no interest, due Jan 23 1887 for 12 calves & 3 yearling steers   I raised at least 160 tons of hay mostly very good   we all have good health   I have to work too hard   too many chores to do & my yards are very very muddy, but all Stock doing well   I have tried lately to get a hand but don’t succeed

December 27, 1885

Sunday Dec 27   A pleasant cloudy day & misted a little   we went to the other place & brought a 2 yr old heifer for beef   will feed her corn 2 or 3 weeks   My cattle down there are doing fine   we covered 2 corn pens with boards   John Goodwin called wanting work   told him to come on in the morning   Jim Chandler called to tell me he cant come this week I had hired him

December 24, 1885

Sent for Nyson   Thursday, Dec 24   A very fine day   Roy & I made another feed box for steers   Warren Stewart called buying cattle   offered me 3 ¾ for my Steers   I didn’t sell   I sold him 2 old cows with swelled bags for $20 each   Mag & I went to Nira & she helped fix a Christmas tree & we got some presents to put on it for the children   I put a good new Silver watch on for Roy with this engraved inside the lid “a present from Father for not using tobacco”  home at Sundown & I helped do the chores & I took the children to Nira to the Christmas tree   had a nice time & went to my hall in Nira [1]   seen them dance awhile & Geo Miller paid me $3,00 for use of hall for dance   home at 10   Roy Stayed to the dance

[1] Isaac owned a building in Nira and rented it out for various functions.