January 11, 1879

Saturday, January 11, 1879   Dear little Ezra is getting worse & although we thought he couldn’t live last night   he is still alive this morning & at ½ past 5  Dave started to Keota after Dr McFarlane   He came about 9 am but gave us no hope   He left some medicine & Roy went to Vics & got a syringe   Wm & Old Mrs Foster came   Mrs Foster stayed most of the day  Vic & wife came over   Mrs Jones & Josie [1] called   Clara Hicks came and was a great help & a good kind woman   Bell Kindle came & she was a great help about the work & done all she could   She is a good girl   Poor little Ezra suffers much most of the time & says rock me Mother & rock me father   Rock me hard and when the pain is very severe he says, Oh my, Oh my   All we could do didn’t seem to help him & he died between 11 & 12 oclock this eve   I was holding one of his little hands when he died   His pain seemed to leave him and he died easy & was conscious & his mother & I both held him, about an hour before he died he tried to climb out of the cradle on to our laps   Oh it was hard to see the dear little child lay & suffer so & die & we could do nothing for him   He was a kind and affectionate little boy  Allways on good terms with other children & always without exception showed a kind & affectionate disposition to us his father & mother   He never was a very healthy looking child nor yet very sickly, but frail looking & seemed more like a girl than a boy  He always wore his hair long & it curled beautifully & his mother took great pride in combing it & fixing up her handsome little boy & at such times he would come to me & say aint I a pretty good looking boy, but now we have lost him & must bury him away in the cold ground   Our Darling little Ez & all the consolation left to us is his sufferings are over & he surely has gone to a better world but Oh tis hard to give him up   Yet he will live in the memory of his Father & Mother while life lasts   Goodbye little Ezra Delos Carr

[1] Josie may be Mrs. Jones’ married daughter.


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