August 27, 1877

Monday August 27th 1877    start for home    we arose early   Aunt Mariah kindly offered me a $20,00 bill, but after being used so well & having so good a visit I could not take it   so she sent it to Amanda by me   it is with deep regret that I leave my kind relatives where I have been used so well but I am anxious to see my own at home   Uncle took me to Richfield Springs where we arrived at ½ past 10, 17 miles   he also sent $5,00 to Amanda & I bade him good bye & started at 1 PM for Utica   fare $1,08   I eat my lunch kindly prepared by my Aunts    arrived in Utica at 4 & wait till 6 for train for Niagra falls fare $4,22   left Utica at ½ past 6 on night express   arrived at Niagra falls at 1 in night   took bus for Niagra house where I put up for the rest of the night   a fine stone house good & well furnished rooms   terms $2,50 per day on 75 cents per meal or lodging

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