August 23, 1877

Thursday, Aug 23rd   fine day   my Aunts Ann & Mariah [1]  gave me $400,00 for Amanda & I   Uncle & I went to Cooperstown & I quit claimed for Amanda & myself all right title & intrest in their possessions   this money they considered as my share & Amandas share of grandfathers estate coming through our father   I bought apples & peaches for Aunts & Author cards [2] for my boys   PM Uncle & I walked around & called on some of his friends   Aunts bought a new one horse carriage for $150,00 cash   got 2 letters from Mag & was glad to hear from home   I should have started home tomorrow but Uncle wants to go to Richfield Springs with me & he wants me to wait till Monday

[1]  Sarah Ann Carr and Maria Carr, daughters of Isaac and Sarah (Bissell) Carr.

Authors Card Game Image

[2] U. S. Games, Inc.,


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