August 16, 1877

Thursday, Aug 16   arose from my birth feeling better   got to Utica NY at ½ past 11 AM   took a hearty dinner of ham & eggs & coffee with huckleberry pie   then sent card to Mag   I took a long walk around & through the town  a pretty place & many fine dwellings with nice grounds & yards adorned with statuary fountains & all kinds of shrubbery, but this city is badly infested with rascally sharpers as only 5 have claimed acquaintance with me & tried to get me to go to their hotel or take a walk & one of them represented himself to be a son of Singmaster banker of Keota   he wanted me to go with him to a bank where he was going to get a prize cashed which he drew in a lottery   I declined & becoming suspicious, I went & notified the police & was bothered no more   in the evening I bought a ticket for Richfield Springs for $1,08 & left for that place at 6 PM on the Delaware Lakawana & Western RR Utica & Chenango Division  arrived at the spring at dark & put up at the Conadarago House   bought a box collars & comb

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