January 1, 1872

On January 1, 1872, Isaac wrote an account of his successful growing season during 1871.

I didn’t work much   put some paper on the house where the plastering was off & done the chores   we have had a tolerable fair winter so far & no very bad weather on stock   My Stock is all doing well & healthy   I have 22 head of Cattle  4 of them Calves   8 head of horses & colts   72 head of hogs   20 of them fating   I have sold 24 head this winter at 3,65 & 3,50 per hhd gross   I have 285 bu of oats   about 16 or 1700 bu of corn & 9 acres yet to gather & about 80 bu of good wheat   I raised 3000 bu of real good corn   300 bu of good oats   410 bu of good wheat & about 30 or 35 tons of hay 

I have built a real good handy barn the last year & have it all finished & painted  Exept a few Small jobs  the carpenter will be here Some time this winter to fix it up

Isaac’s original barn burned down between 1984 and 2014. Isaac built the crib barn [pictured below] later on.  It was still standing in 2014 and in use.

Isaac's crib barn
Isaac’s crib barn

December 28, 1871

Thursday Dec 28 1871   Mag & I went by Daves to Dayton   took 12 Doz Eggs   got 18 cts per Doz   3 prairie chicks 20 cts each   took dinner at Daves I qualified for the office of J P trustee before T D Allen   paid $8,10 cts insurance   left $4,65 with Mr Stilling for John Carlile

November 7, 1871

On November 7, 1871, Isaac purchased an insurance policy from the Farmer’s Insurance Company in Freeport, Illinois.  With the devastating Chicago fire occurring just a month prior on October 8, 1871, having insurance coverage for his property and land was something that Isaac decided was in his best interest to acquire.

Receipt for Insurance Policy from Farmers Insurance Company
Receipt for Insurance Policy from Farmers Insurance Company

November 1, 1871

Wednesday Nov 1st 1871  Geathered corn  I took up an Estray yearling steer  Samson & Singerman appraised him at $11,00  John Adams Agt [Agent] for the Farmers Ins [Insurance] Co of Freeport, Ills [Illinois] Called  I sent application for ins on Barn $1,000  on grain $100,00   on house $200,00  on furniture $75,00  on wearing apparel $35,00  making $1410,00 in all for which I am to pay in yearly installments  first year now $8,05 cts & $7,05 each succeeding  4 years  Finished geathering the ridge west of the Barn