May 20 & 21, 1869

Thursday May 20th 1869   Rain most all day  fixed Cattle yard fence in the Eve   Vic Came over   we weighed the Pigs   the Boar weighed 20 lbs & the Sow 14 &14 oz

Friday May 21st  Went to Hcrs to buy corn   Vick & I bought 200 bu at 35 cts & we Have it    good corn   Wellington [1] fixed raspberries & chopped wood & in PM   finished Harrowing for corn

[1] It is not known whether Wellington was a first or last name. Since there were no Wellington families found in the area, it is possible that this person was Wellington Sheppard, born ca. 1849, who lived with his parents in Lime Creek Township.  Wellington’s father, William, was also a farmer.

May 7, 1869

Friday  May 7th   Went to Washington   took old sow   weighed 350 lbs  got 7,65 per lb   Jones Paid me $100,00   bought Hand Planter for 4,50  tbl [table] salt for 3,50   groceries & other articles to the amt of $46,00  Paid Wellington $300,00 three dollars   roads very rough   Farley rode Home with me   Hauled trees for Jones   Mag & Harvey finished Planting North piece of corn

March 15, 1869

Mar 15th   Vick, Jo & Dan came and we all went to School Meeting   Had a good time at the meeting   Done lots of business besides lots we didn’t do  one year ago to day I sowed wheat but it looks very little like farming   now I begin to think this will be a very late cold backward spring   P Squire J McIlbaine & myself a commity to locate S House [schoolhouse]