November 24, 1861

Nov 24th we had general Review of all the soldiers in Benton Barracks  about 30 Regs Cavalry & infty [infantry] besides a few cos of artillery  genl Curtis reviewed us accompanied by genls Seigel & Halleck  This was a very windy disagreeable day  genl Curtis made a speech but the wind blew so hard I could not hear him notwithstanding the old genl has good use of his lungs and can give command in a loud clear voice  after dark marched in to camp McClellan  1 ½ miles above Davenport on missippi river  nothing of importance transpired while here except a man got very badly wounded in firing off a cannon  we drilled every day that was suitable and some which we thought was not so suitable  I went home on 5 days furlough  we were fed very well most of the time  a few days provisions were scarse but we had money & bought some  our rations of bread were hardly sufficient so we bought a little every day  when we were mustered from the State to the U S Service our ways and means of subsistence were also changed  the consequence was that through the neglect or avaricious disposition of Capt Chambers we were without food nearly 2 days  some of the boys got very hungry and went in to the sutler[1] shops and took what they wanted  some shops they tore down  we had quite a time generally 

[1]  Sutlers sold provisions to the soldiers.  They either followed in the paths of the soldiers or maintained a store on an army post.


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