December 24, 1892

Saturday Dec 24th  A nice winter day  Roy & I got a load of hay a load of straw & 2 loads of fodder  we bedded the Steers real good  Roy went to Nira to [get a] Christmas tree  I sent for mittens for Holden for a Christmas gift  Sylvia went to Nira with Jap [Jasper] Green  we killed a turkey & a nice fat rooster for Christmas  Roy 269 ½ [days] & drew 155,35  Harve 184 days & drew 56,00

December 22, 1892

Thursday Dec 22  A very nice winter day  Roy went to Wassonville Mill with 12 sax grain & got paid  14 sax chop paid 1,10 for grinding  I done the chores  he got home at 2 pm & we put away the chop  Si Miller called & borrowed our gun & didn’t return it but called  & gave me 3 rabbits in the Eve  Henry Foster gave me 3 rabbits  Holden went hunting with others & he brought in 3 rabbits & now we have 10  Mag & Laura went to Carris’ to see Mabel  she is better

December 21, 1892

Wednesday Dec 21  A very fine day  didn’t thaw  Mag & I went to Wellman & took dinner at Amandas  I got Sele & Ben shod all round at Rings & Sitters  paid 2,40  I got an ice saw & a pr of saw clamps of Palmer  paid 4,25  Mag bought lots of Christmas presents for the children  I got a nice willow rocker at Nichola’s 7,25 for a Christmas present for Mag  I left it & Roy went to see Camp & brought it & we put it in the tool house  he got me one qt best oil 25c at Palmers  Laura & Holden came home with us to Stay till after Christmas  home in time to help chore  the 41 steers eat 19 baskets full of snapped corn at a feed twice a day or 5 or 6 shox  E. Moore paid me 9,00 interest  I paid Harve $10,00  S. T. Leighton called

December 20, 1892

Tuesday Dec 20  A cold morning 19 below zero  Mag & I came from Carris at daylight & after breakfast I took 6 turkeys average 19 # & 10 chicks  got to Nira to Hardenbrook 9c for turkeys & 6 c for chicks  paid me $12,00  I drove my Charley colt  he works fine  PM Roy & I sacked up 4 sax rye 4 sax corn & 4 sax oats for chop  Harve is no better

December 19, 1892

Monday December 19th 1892  A cold morning dry below zero  I was quite cold but not disagreeable all day  Harve not able to work  we hauled a load of hay from over west & PM Mag & I went to Vic Carris’ to see Mabel  She is better but as they wanted us to stay to night I left Mag & I went for Sylvia & came home  I helped chore  I went to Carris’ & Mag & I set up the after part of the night  Mabel seemed better

Information in these posts is taken from Isaac's journals and speeches written between 1861 and 1923


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