July 9, 1898

Saturday July 9  An extra fine sunny dry day  Harve trimmed hedge  I went to Wellman & Messenger & I put tiled traps in the cellar for soil pipes & waste water & got it all done & I paid Messenger off $6 for his digging 3 ½ days  I think the carpenters are getting along fine with the house  rugs all on lower floors mainly layed & window frames 38 all work  I paid Swift $11 for some brick  I came home in good season  Roy got along very slow with haying  Harriet & Willard came this Eve  I paid Amanda 1,20 for board to date  Harve has worked 268 days & drew $72,80

July 8, 1898

Friday July 8  A real nice day warm & a shower at noon  Harve & I went Early to Wellman & unloaded some good brick from car that I bought of Swift for $11,00  I hired Albert G. Lider To work & we graded & shoveled around the house  I went to the train at 10-30 AM & met Mag  Safe home and I was of course glad to see her & took her up to Amandas in buggy and we all took dinner there & so I had Nat? Messenger tiling for me  we got started home late  Mag went all over our new house & liked it well  we got home in good season & the children were very glad to see Mother  I took Lyman Bradford home  

July 7, 1898

Thursday July 7th 1898  Rain a little early in the morning  we soon arose Early at 5-30 & at 8-15 were driving the 13 steers & cows & young calf out of the yard  we got along fine   Vic Harve & I   Cattle made no trouble & we got to Keota at 7-15 & raining  we had our coats but got some wet  put team in Adams barn 30c  I took breakfast at Donahue Restaurant  & we were hungry  I went & looked over A E Adams new house with him  it is nice & a good nice solid foundation of stone  I got check cashed at the old bank & got 707,10 for the cattle $500 in Certificates of deposit & rest in currency  I left Bell $10 to go to memorial & gave Each of the children 25c & I paid Harve $10,00  Home to dinner & then Harve & I went to Wellman & I deposited $500,00 in bank & paid Albert Taylor $100 in carpentering & paid Nicolas & Gardner $65 hardware bill  we blocked up some around the new house & scraped a little dirt

June 13, 1898

Monday June 13  Cloudy & looks much like rain  I got the girls to help take my old Moline wagon bed in to the barn & I took it apart to put a new bottom & side in it but it soon quit sprinkling rain & I went to Wellman & took dinner at Amandas  I worked around my building all day  Holden finished the privy by 10-30 & I helped him some & then helped him carry his tools home & paid him one $  Albert Taylor came to see me about Carpenter work

June 12, 1898

Sunday June 12  Cloudy & looks much like rain  the boys & I salted the cattle & 2 colts in the E pasture  after noon it cleared off nice & cooler & seems as tho we may have better weather  wind light S SW  I send $1 renewal for National tribune & Headleys 2 vols great Rebellion[1]  also sent my address on gov card to agriculture dept so I will get reports

[1] Headley, J. T. The Great Rebellion; A History of the Civil War in the United States, published by the National Tribune, Washington, D. C., 1898

Information in these posts is taken from Isaac's journals and speeches written between 1861 and 1923


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