January 1, 1904

Friday January 1st 1904  New Years day  A bright Cold morning but got cloudy & turned Coldr towards Eve  Post met & we had joint installation with the WRC  The ladies served a most Excellent dinner at the Hall at noon & post met at 11 am & practiced awhile before dinner  I invited Comrade Henderson 2 ms west of here of the 11th Ioa  he came & I got him to join our post  we had 18 or 19 present & a fine time  I was installed Commander the 6th time  I gave Mother one dollar to pay WRC dues & Nellie 2 dollars  we came home in good time to chore  I recd a certificate of deposit from farmers Bank of Keota where I have 3 Shares of Stock for $30 being 10% on my investment  an Extra good bank & good men  the past year was very wet & unprofitable  generally tho I have no reason to complain  I raised 100 bu good potatos at digging time worth 75c bu & 100 bu good corn worth 35c bu  I raised this on the Larew land & plenty tomatos Cabbage Cucumbers punkins & Squashes  here at home we had berries in plenty for near 3 months  first Strawberries about 1st June then Raspberries  then blackberries all in great plenty  Some potatos beans & green corn  we had 3 pieces from Early till after frost near the first of Oct & this last fall was the best fall for grass I ever knew & our cows do fine  Vic & I made a road across the N End of our pasture where before it was impassable & we got much wood  we have all had good health the past year for which I am very thankful  I got between 6 & 7 hundred bu of good corn from the Hughbanks place musty black clover hay enough to do my 3 horses 2 cows & I have 1 sow weighs 400  8 Shoats at least 60 lbs each  I Sold my ½ stalks on the Hughbanks place for $10  I have $2975,00 at intrest & have $3870,00 of time deposits at 6%  I have very little money to my credit on the banks books probably 8 or 10$  My health has been uncommon good So far this last summer fall & winter & I believe berries are the prime cause Especially the Strawberries  we enjoyed a nice visit from John & Ellen Brewer the last Summer & Mother Leslie & I Spent a week at Sylvias in Desmoines while the State fair was on but rain & mud Spoiled Some of our visit  my crops on the Hughbanks places are poor about 200 bu of fair oats & my town crib 2/3 full of good corn & I Sold Roy 325 bu good corn at 35c a bu  I Sent Nellie a term to Mt. Pleasant to Music School cost over $80  I let Vic take a trip to Desmoines to See Sylvia & get teeth fixed &c  he & Nellie deserve all they get & are good children also  Leslie I have no fault to find with him & I am very thankful for all I have had the past year & hope I may get along as well the next year  we have much to be thankful for & little to complain of

December 31, 1903

Thursday Dec 31  A real good winter day & pleasant  we put in most of the day Decorating our home in Japanese Style  I hung Japanese lanterns & fans  Mrs. Ed Smith & other women helped  to night a trip around the world & Stop at Germany England Denmark China Japan & America is planned by Methodist people & our home is Japan 25c for the trip & a free lunch at Evry Station  we serve tea rice & crackers  Many women dress as Japanese Came to help & our house was well patronized til 11 oclock  I had a bad pain in my head & Could not enjoy it  in fact was glad when they left but the people generally Seemed to Enjoy it Hugely  goodby to the old year

December 27, 1903

Sunday Dec 27 1903  Cloudy Moderate  turned Colder  NW in Eve  Maude & Bell Staid all night & are here to day  We went to ME Church PM  Called on Raineys to see Wm Rainey & Wife from Muscatine  a pleasant Call  I shelled much corn & wrote up Horse Co [committee?] minutes  John Downings wife Died this PM

December 26, 1903

Sat Dec 26  Cold  A keep cold S wind  I with 6 others went on passenger 3 hours late to Nira to Horse Meeting  I & H G Moore made a fire  had a fair meeting & 4 of us walked home  we had co [company] this Eve to Supper  H H Wilson wife & daughter  E F Smith & family & Rev Clapp & wife  we passed a very pleasant Eve & got to bed at 11 oclock

Information in these posts is taken from Isaac's journals and speeches written between 1861 and 1923. If you had ancestors who lived in Washington County, Iowa, they might be mentioned in Isaac's diary. Try searching for them in the search box, below. Use spelling variations in your search as names were often spelled differently.


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