April 13, 1918

Saturday April 13 1918   A very fine day warm sunny day   I spaded some ground for mother   Mr Rupes came early & gave me a few strawbery plants   I went over where Rupe & Col Hull & Shrader & Love were cutting down 2 trees   I went down town AM & PM   I got mail & meat & exchanged 2 books   I tied up more grape vines   Suzan Gardner came this eve to stay with Maude   Maude went to Ioa City with Effie Hull & back at 4 PM   Mother calld on our renters Zimmerman

April 2, 1918

Tues 2   Cool & cloudy   cool NE wind   thunder & shower   I got right to work this morning & uncovered my strawberries   then a Central Life Assurance agt came to adjust the policy held by Dear boy Vic  Evry yearly dues was fully pd up & the adjuster handed mother a draft for $2000,00   H G Moore came with the man   Vic must have had his mothers intrest at heart when he kept the policy so well pd up   tis very hard to give him up   I was proud of him   I went down town & got a thick nice beef steak $1,00   Harriet cookd it    Painters finishd at noon grape arbor & all   I gave Ward chk for 7,75 for paint  shower this eve   kept cow in Barn

April 1, 1918

Mon Apr 1st  A most beautiful dry warm da   I stretchd 4 wires on my grape arbor & put fire in grate   I made rows & mother planted sweet peas  2 painters came & finished up stairs & bedroom   insurance adjuster calld this Eve representing the Natl Life   he will call again tomorrow   all 3 girls went to Lymans this eve   have fire only in grate  our bedroom is newly painted & mother & I will sleep in the parlor to nite

March 31, 1918

Sun 31  A fine warm day  partly cloudy   we all 5 went to church at 11 AM & this morning according to orders from hd qtrs we chang our time & all clocks were set ahead 1 hr & church at 11   we had hamenegs for dinner & all have good appetites but oh I cant forget my dear boy Vic   why must he take his own life   I think of him so often   a doz or more all kids but Mrs Melinger were taken in the church   we went again to church in the eve & 5 were taken in the church  Turnipseed & Rickey

March 30, 1918

Saturday March 30th 1918  A fine warm day  I got my varnish can from Zimmermans & he gave me a check for $15,00 rent for Apr  I sawd up all the old grape arbor pieces for Kindling & raked up some trash  I deposit 8,00 & keep 7,00  Zimmerman check  I got 21 in [inches] gingam for Maude & pd her 1,00 I owed her  I got needles 10c  2 qts onion sets 40c smokd ham 55c butter 1 lb 50c & oleo 1 lb 34c  I maild pkg for Maude 9c  several lady callers   to bed 10,30

March 26, 1918

Tue 26  A fine cool da[y]  Cool E wind   Kopoch came & workd near all day raking & burning & planting potatos & spaded the barn garden   I pd Kopach 2,50   Wes Whetstine patched plaster at Brown house & I pd him 1,35   Fay White took a load of trash from Brown cellar   I pd him 50c   I went to Bank meet[ing] and pd H W Denker $630,00, a Vic & Leslie note   I gave John Romine one $ [for]  Fred K gar dues  we nearly finished planting potatos   A Turnipseed plowed garden & I pd him $1,50   I got 40c pork for dinner   Smith called to see about painting   I got 2 gals paint from Wards $7,50

March 25, 1918

Mon 25  A very fine warm day   I took our clothes to Carrie Ash & went to see Kopoch about working for me   Zimmerman calld & I went with him to the Brown House & I went to see Torrey Harvey about painting & found him laying with lame back   I settled undertakers bill with Bidwell & son & gave my check for $370,90   I went with Dave to the Bank & paid a note of $125,00 & another for $1500,00 & $50,00 & another for $117,50   I got 40c pork for dinner this eve   at 5 the 3 girls & I went with Dave to the depot & he took the train for St. Paul & we will be lonesome with out him  Rach Hull & Effie called & borrowed a spade

Information in these posts is taken from Isaac's journals and speeches written between 1861 and 1923. If you had ancestors who lived in Washington County, Iowa, they might be mentioned in Isaac's diary. Try searching for them in the search box, below. Use spelling variations in your search as names were often spelled differently.