February 27, 1897

Saturday February 27th 1897  Wind South & more moderate  I kept some fire in my tank heater  I chored some AM & Harve helped wash  I repaired Ben & Nells Stall & a feed box & PM Harve & I went to the Hughbanks timber & got a good load of white oak posts & wood  Wm Larew of Wellman Called & I sold him my 2 big horses Ben & Nell  they are fat sleek & nice & weigh near 1800 Each  I deliver at Wellman a week from next Tuesday & am to get $200 he paid me $10 down $190 due  V W Carris Called in the Eve & I took $700 insurance on corn in the Washington Co mutual fee $1,70 which we let go on act [account?] Harriet came home this Eve  Harve took all the girls to Nira S H to an Exhibit of Nira School  Harve has worked 178 days & drew $69,25

January 1, 1897

Another year has come and gone.  Here is Isaac’s year-end report for 1896.

Friday January 1st 1897  An extra fine warm pleasant day & no frost in the ground  Roy plowed all day over west & killed a large blue racer snake & it was quite lively & showed fight  Harve done the chores & split & piled some wood  Mag is getting slowly better & came down stairs to dinner  PM I went to Wellman & got a harness fixed  Converse Bradford paid me $75,00 intrest money & I Deposited $50,00 in the bank & paid W F Reed $6,55 renewal to the Advance [Wellman Advance newspaper] for myself & Harvey brothers Same & Delos & also the Cincinnatti Enquirer & weekly Interocean  I got a Key for my Hall lock at Palmers 5c  My horses broke a nek yoke Strap & I got a new one  I went to Amanda’s & She came home with me  we got home at dusk & found Mag feeling midling well  the roads dried fast & are getting good in places 

The past year has been probably the best corn year that we ever had in this neighborhood  I had 28 acres & it averaged 60 bu to the acre  Roy had most of the Hughbanks place in corn  equally as good & I have the barn Crib full & the crib out north full & a new crib west of the barn 80 ft long 11 ft high & 9 ft wide full  all of this nice Sound big eared white corn & I have some in rail pen & will probably buy enough to feed & not use any out of my cribs tis selling at 12 & 15c a bu & dull sale at that  Either the local or Shipping demand is slow  oats was a very poor crop  we had better left them in the field & not touched them  I have 600 bu of nice old oats & got 150 bu of poor rent oats  Roy raised 345 bu of nice full wheat on my place  I got 2/5 138 bu a little musty but sound & will make good pig slop  apples were an Excellent crop both in quantity & quality  we geathered at least 200 bu & left a big pile of windfalls out in the orchard to freeze & for the chickens  I buried about 12 or 15 bu to freeze  plenty of Squashes turnips punkins &c  a fair crop of raspberries & blk berries  no plums  our health has been good except the Sick Spell Mag is having now  Many are Complaining loudly of hard times  I have no reason to complain  prices of all farm produce never was so low  Collections are slow & men don’t want to pay their intrest  I have 5 Shares of Stock in the Wellman Savings bank all paid up worth $1135 & 3 Shares of Stock in the farmers savings bank of Keota worth $335  I am not making any money  am just trying to keep even & am thinking very hard about leaving my farm but don’t know what to do with the farm  however I feel that I must leave it some way before long  my farming days are about over  good bye 1896

December 11, 1896

Friday Dec 11  A very Extra fine Sunny day  we arose Early & the hands soon got to Sawing wood & I stayed with them most of the time & we made it go finished by noon & I pad Carris’s $5 & paid Snider $2,25 & Sam $1,50 Vic Carris came to dinner & brought me $105,00 interest money from Hervey Carris  this comes very handy & Hervey is very prompt  the Dr & Holden came at 10 AM & Mag is no better  PM I went to Keota & brought Bell  I got Mag oranges pears & crackers but she has no apetite  Harve split some wood & chored  we have an extra fine pile of sawed wood to do the next year & lots of dry wood in the wood house

December 10, 1896

Thursday Dec 10  an Extra fine day & warm  I went Early to Hicks’s & we went to Wellman & I left word for Dr. Morgan to go & see Mag  She seems at least no better  we then found Ez Bradford & we three went before Notary Ed Smith & qualified & we then proceeded to appraise the Estate of Frank Krejci deceased  we visited 4 pieces of land & got through before noon  Bradford & Hicks went home & I got home to dinner  PM I went to Nira on Church case business but Could do nothing because Stice? Failed to come with a Subs [substitute?] paper  Dr. Morgan came  Holden went home with him  the Dr said Mag was threatened with typhoid fever & would probably be very bad but doctors allways make a patient out full as bad as they are  Seth & Grey Carris came at noon to saw wood  Roy & D. Snider & Harry England Harve & Sam helped  they got along rather Slow all the PM

December 9, 1896

Wednesday December 9th 1896  An Extra fine day  I went Early to Hicks to see if he would go with me on appraiser business but he was gone  Harve chopped a little wood & chored  I put a handle in his axe  I went to Lewis in Eve to see wood Sawyers  Holden came & stayed all night  Roy & Sam finished hauling hay from the other place

November 26, 1896

Thursday Nov 26  Cloudy warm & rainy  it rained by Spells all night last night & is very muddy  we are invited to Mr. Ira Adams’s to his Daughter Allice’s wedding & have our present ready  a nice bedspread $1,50  about 11 am it looked a little more favorable & we Started  got there by 12–20 & the ceremony was set for noon but like the guests it was delayed & took place at 12—30 by Rev Newsom  Methodist Minister of Wellman  he made a poor out [outing?] but we had a most Elegant dinner & a good Social time  Came home by Nira mostly in the rain & mud mud mud & home by dusk  Harve grubbed Some dead apple trees & chored  he finished plowing the new ground while I was gone

Information in these posts is taken from Isaac's journals and speeches written between 1861 and 1923


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