October 19, 1918

Sat 19   drizzle rain AM & dark cldy all da   I made a fire in the grate   I got the mail at noon and recd letter from Roy   [he is] glad we are coming   will meet us in Seymore tues at 10 am   I went down town & found the burial of little Agnes Topping ready to go   I walked up to the cemetery   A priest officiated as Agnes was Catholic   it was dark & sprinkled rain   a dismal funeral for our dear little neighbor girl   how we shall miss her   I was down town again & settled with T D Adams   he paid me $316,50c & I gave him up his note for $300, $16,50c & I gave him mortgage & release   I pd Eardly Bell Jr 50c for the release   I deposited the $316,50 in W S Bank [Wellman Savings Bank]   it drizzled rain most of the PM   Nita Spear was buried this PM

October 18, 1918

Friday October 18th 1918  Cooler E wind  a pleasant da   Rupes came over & dug up some shrubs & flowers   he burned my wedges   I got mail at noon   Card from Leslie   he is well & busy as receiving officer at hospital in DC   war news very favorable   I put our storm sash in this PM & Mrs Clark Brown calld   Mrs Marion Spear died last nite   I went to PO this eve   recd a card from Dave    Liebes hand brot me a fine big load of dry cobs from Siglers   we have fire in grate Eve   Phone from Sloan South English

October 17, 1918

Thurs 17   A very fine sunny warm da & I have felt sneezy water eyed & feel like taking cold   have a sore place in my throat & neck but a fair appetite   I looked around some to get a load of cobs hauled from Siglers farm but didn’t make it   I got the mail at noon   letter from Sloan SE [South English, Keokuk County, Iowa]   he will make foundation for our monument next mon   I phoned him this pm  Mr Dutton called to buy my Shiller house   wanted me to take govt Bonds  we didn’t trade   I went down town PM & heard Agnes Topping died of influenza at 2,30 PM   A bright pleasant healthy little girl   she will be greatly missed & her mother will be lonely   I carried a large fern in a pot to Florilla Longwell & I pd her 40c that she had pd for me on Strawberries  I pd D Kirkpatrick our PM [postmaster] 35c for PO box to Apr 1st 1919 & I pd Editor Coffey for the Advance to Jan 1st 1920   I soakd my feet in hot water & drank hot lemonade & went to bed 9-15

October 16, 1918

Wed 16   A very fine warm day   I painted my name on our trunk & hung the storm door to the cellar & I took paint to Dr Wells to paint their kitchen walls & floor   we drest & I got mail & we went by invitation to W W Siglers to dinner   we had a splendid dinner & a good social visit   we allways do at Siglers   we went down town & I pd H G Moore $sixteen hundred dollars & am to have that amt in gov Bonds  4 ¼ of 4th liberty loan   I saw Muscatine Journal Agt & pd him 35c & am to have paper up to & include next Mon eve   we came home at 5   a very fine eve Jones calld to buy cow

October 15, 1918

Tuesday October 15th 1918    A fine cool day   SW wind   I felt lost with no cow to milk & little else to do   I churned 2 batches & got about 2 lbs of fine butter   I cut off the cannas & pinas & other flowers   I got mail at noon   letter from Co atty Geo Morrison   tax on auto ans [?] to day & wrote to Leslie in DC   I went PM & maild my letters & got shave strap at Browns 30c   wind SW & the dust on main st bad   warm this eve & no fire in the grate   we hear Mrs. Marion Spear is likely to die anytime with Influenza [1]

[1]  Marion Spear evidently survived because she was found at Findagrave.com with a death date of July 31, 1949.

October 14, 1918

Mon 14   An extra fine da   frost this morn   I arose a little early & fed & milkd my cow for the last time & I never milkd a gentler cow   some after 10 am John Fleming & son Everet [came]   I rode in auto with them to my pasture   I put a good halter on my cow & sold her to John Fleming for $100, & he gave me a check which I had put to my acct   I got mail at noon   rec a letter from Leslie in DC   he is well & very busy  much influenza in the hospital in camps & City   Lavanda & baby are in Clermont   I took plants to Florilla Longwell & went down & maild 5 letters to Roy Maude Nora Sloan in SE & B Reece Jones Secy insurance Desmoines [1]   boy brot 2 boxes strawberries & Florilla Longwell pd for them   I took laundry to Carrie   I went [to] Mrs Crossets this eve & pd her 1,50 for boys taking cow up to 17th

[1] Rees B. Jones, Secretary, Fire Insurance Company, Des Moines, (Source Citation – Ancestry.com, Year: 1920; Census Place: Des Moines Ward 1, Polk, Iowa; Roll: T625-507; Page: 8B; Enumeration District: 86; Image: 1011)

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