April 18 & 20, 1868

April 18th 1868   little warmer   wind fell at night   Helped Farley ½ day  PM fixed needle for Mag to make rug & quilt   E side calf pasture   Holden came in Eve Early   R grafted few cherry 

April 20th 1868   Hay for cattle gone   warm   I only have enough to work horses   quit feeding cattle except corn to milk cows   sowed ½ bu [bushell] grass seed & plowed & sowed rye & grass in pasture

April 13, 1868

The first half of April 1868 was a busy month.  Isaac rolled wheat, planted early potatoes, ploughed for oats, ploughed and set a place for apple grafts.  Isaac and his father-in-law, Harvey Taylor (now 65 years of age) planted 135 cherry grafts and set out 156 seedling apples.

April 13th 1868   Fixed cattle racks   Hauled load straw from Farleys but cattle wouldn’t eat it   rain all day


February 17 1868

LeRoy Holden Carr was born on February 17, 1868.

Leroy Holden Carr - 1915

Feb 1868   I have neglected writing for some time  we had a son born to us between 12 & 1 the morn of the 17 of feb   Had a hired girl   Many more 3 weeks at 2$ per week   Sandy Sow had seven pigs   all died  Carpenter sow [owned by the Carpenters] had 4 all doing fine   Have done a pretty good winters hauling  all things considered   no good sleighing   I have 15 logs in mill yd


Information in these posts is taken from Isaac's journals and speeches written between 1861 and 1923


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