January 7, 1871

Isaac wrote down a couple recipes and cures in his journal during this time that he may have read about in a newspaper or heard about from a discussion with his neighbors.  The recipes and cures being discussed in January 1871 follow.

Receipt [probably "recipe"] for making sausage – to one hundred (100) lbs of meat 2 1/2 lbs salt 7 oz pepper & 10 oz sage

Receipe for curing pork – to 100 lbs Pork  8 lbs Salt (coarse) 5 lbs Sugar & ¼ lb Saltpetre 

Cure for bone felon Jan 7th 1871 – as soon as the disease if [is] put directly over the spot a fly blister about the size of your thumb nail & let it remain for 6 hours  At the expiration of which time directly under the surface of the blister may be seen the felon which can instantly be taken out with the point of a needle or lancet 

Cure for Colic in horses – take a pint or so of Comon Salt  put it on the Coupling of the back & Sprinkle with water Evry few minutes till the Salt dissolves  apply the 2nd time as the first & leave the damp Salt on the back 

Cure for Ague                                                                                                              Quinine 14 grains                                                                                                    Sulphuric acid 14 drops                                                                                              One ounce cold water                                                                                                       Mix the quinine with the water then add the sulphuric acid                     Dose one teaspoonful every hour for 6 hours in absence of the fever    

R. Payne, MD

January 1, 1871

Time for another year-end report.

Sunday, January 1st 1871   Another year gone & a new one begun   this book will probably last me 2 years   I have done very well in making a living the past year   times are rather hard now   pork $5,00 per hhd wheat 80 to 85 corn 25 & plenty   I bought 500 bu [bushel] delivered at 25 cts  I fatted 25 hogs   killed 1  Sold 1 for $6,00 & 23 to Downing for $5,00   I sold 4  3-year old steers & a cow to Stewart for $285   My ½ of a stag $22,50 cts   I have now about 104 or 5 or 6 hog  20 of which I am fatting   I have 29 head of cattle 6 of which are calves wintering with the fattening hogs   7 head of horses & colts   I raised over 2000 bu of corn  191 bu of wheat 292 bu of oats 160 bu of potatoes & 4 bu of white beans  melons squashes pumpkins &c &c in abundance   So far this has been a remarkable mild & pleasant winter   we have had very little cold weather & no storms to speak of   My stock appears to be all doing fine  my stock well affords an abundant supply of water for all   I herded my cattle   we went to Adds [Addison Taylor’s] visiting   I paid him $20,00 which I owed him for breaking   Dave [1] sent a couple of kegs of Early rose potatoes up to put in our cellar   things have froze some in theirs   Harvey herded the cattle at Farleys in the stalks

[1] Perhaps Isaac’s brother-in-law, David Taylor.

December 3, 1870

Saturday Dec 3 1870   Topped out a corn pen with Straw & Hauled 2 loads of wood & Split & sharpened 7 posts   Jim quit work at noon & went visiting   Mag & I went to Farleys for a Evening visit but Mag got mad because I played cards with a young lady [added later: pretty lady that would see and play cards with a lot of married men] and we didn’t Stay very late   Harvey went to Uncle Greens this morning   Who would not get mad if they were called a damed disagreeable thing as ever was and a god damed liar   forget it never, got mad because I was Cussed all the way home

[1] Probably Green B. Squires, son of Nathaniel & Mary (Bennett) Squires.  Green was born on 11 Mar 1818 in New York state.

October 23, 1870

Sunday Oct 23 1870   A very windy day   Ez Bradfords folks & Aunt Charlotte [1] came   Add [Addison] came & took away a heifer I let him have  he is to have nearly 21 Perch of rock by the first of March next from Amos Whetstines quarry   Samson came & I traded him a yearling heifer for the Hauling of 12 perch of rock from Same quarry to be delivered by the first of March next   Bill Harvey Called   one of my Shoats [2] died   had something like the thurnps(?)    there are several more afflicted the same way & others lame   I gave Aunt Charlotte a pig   She gave Dave a pair of mittens  Amanda gave Roy & Harvey each a pair   Samson takes his heifer away in 2 weeks

[1]  Aunt Charlotte is probably Charlotte Arvilla Carr who married Matthew Lowe.  Charlotte was born in Otsego County, New York, In 1870, Matthew, Charlotte and their six children were living in Deerfield, Lenawee County, Michigan.   Matthew was a farmer.

[2] A  piglet that has recently been weaned (www.dictionary.com)

Information in these posts is taken from Isaac's journals and speeches written between 1861 and 1923


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